Budget Injector “Challenge”




If you buy a set of NEW, NEVER USED, budget injectors and want to get them flow tested before running them just to double check, this “challenge” is for you.

Send us your NEW budget injectors and we will stick them in our ASNU flow bench straight out of the box. We will perform 3 functions ON CAMERA for you to see.

  1. We will first bleed the air from the injectors.
  2. We will then run a STATIC flow test to obtain the static flow (value used to rate the injectors you purchased).
  3. Lastly we will run a PULSED test than runs through a cycle from 3ms @ 600rpm to 12ms at 10,000 rpm. This is a Dynamic test.

IF your injectors flow within 2% of each other BOTH static and dynamic, the service is FREE. If they do not, it will be $10 per injector plus return shipping.

IF your injectors come back within 2%, you will also receive a coupon code for a free injector cleaning to use at your convenience (valued at up to $140)

* Highest flowing and lowest flowing injector in the set will be used for calculating % difference. Flow % difference picked based on several budget companies claims.


If your (enter budget injector brand here) injectors are really as great as the interwebs says they are, you should have nothing to worry about.

Best case scenario, you happened to get a good set and owe us NOTHING other than the return shipping.

Worst case scenario. you realize you bought junk injectors and you cant trust the guy on the internet, but at least still get to save your motor.



  • HPI
  • KPI
  • FAST
  • DEKA 80s (only when purchased on Amazon/Ebay)
  • Budget build INC

*By sending your injectors in to MRP Fuel Injection, you acknowledge that we will NOT ship your injectors back out until we have received payment for this service(if they don’t pass the challenge).

*By sending your injectors in to MRP Fuel Injection, you acknowledge that we are NOT responsible for damaged or lost(in mail) injectors and can NOT be held liable.


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