PTFE Hose w/Braided Nylon


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Finish Line Factory’s PTFE Hose w/ Braided Nylon uses high-quality nylon braids and PTFE inner lining that resists is more than strong enough to withstand the toughest racing duties. Our PTFE hose is compatible with all fuels, coolants, and oils, and high very high operating temperature and pressure ratings so it can get your fluids where they need to be in nearly any condition! These hoses have significantly higher ratings than our standard synthetic rubber hoses and are ideal for projects involving alcohol-based fuels or areas involving high temperatures such as turbocharger oil feeds/drains and wastegate systems.

  • Compatible with all hydrocarbon and alcohol based fuels
  • Compatible with all lubricants
  • Compatible with nitrous oxide systems
  • Constructed with a strong nylon braid that resists corrosion and abrasion
  • Uses a PTFE teflon inner liner
  • Compatible in temperatures ranging from -70C to 250C (-94F to 482F)
  • Ideal for delivery of oil, fuel, water, or any other fluid your racecar needs to win!
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit almost any need

Some of our products are not intended for use in power steering systems. Using incorrect parts in a power steering system can result in a failure, rapidly and greatly increasing the effort required to turn the steering wheel and can result in a collision. Do not use non-PTFE hoses or hose ends in ANY power steering system.

Our products are designed for off-road use for racing purposes only and are not designed for use on any public roadway, highway, street, etc.

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