ORB to AN Adapter – Straight


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Finish Line Factory’s precision made, high quality ORB to AN Adapters are ideal for the delivery of fuel, oil, water, air, or any fluid of your choice. These adapters are perfect for a fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, or any other scenario where an O-Ring Boss port can be paired with an AN fitting.

Our fittings provide strength in extreme conditions and are easy and fast to assemble. We only use high-quality seals and o-rings to provide a leak-free seal, especially when used with volatile liquids like racing fuels and some oils/coolants. Additionally, each of our fittings is given either a matte or polished finish to provide your vehicle’s fluid delivery system a quality look, feel, and performance.

AN Size

-04, -06, -08, -10, -12, -16

ORB Size

4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16


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